Welcome to Meadesmith School of Music!

Introducing Wayne Meade and Tammy Smith- the founders and teachers of the school, and certified teachers in music education.  We are celebrating 22 years in Woodbridge this year!

Here's a bit about us:

Wayne Meade

After an early profession as a piano accompanist culminated in a tour of Europe with the Canadian Welsh Singers, Wayne began to focus on another life passion; teaching music. Wayne teaches all levels of piano and guitar.

Credentials:  Wayne is a Ontario certified teacher in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.  He received his Bachelor of Music Education degree in 1992, and his Bachelor of Education degree in 1993.

Experience: Wayne cultivated his teaching skills by working at various summer camps as a music specialist. Shortly after graduating, Wayne moved to Woodbridge, Ontario and founded "Meadesmith School of Music" with his wife, Tammy Smith. It was then that he started teaching piano and guitar to children of all ages.  Wayne has also worked as a music teacher for the London Board of Education and Maple Leaf Montessori Schools Inc.

Tammy Smith

Tammy is an RCM Certified Teacher as an advanced specialist in piano, rudiments, and harmony.  She achieved this standing based on her credentials, and over 20 years of experience teaching students.  Tammy teaches piano (all levels).

Credentials:  In 1989 Tammy studied music and drama at U.W.O. in London, Ontario and achieved her Bachelor of Music in Education degree with a minor in drama in 1993.    The following year she received her Bachelor of Education and was certified by the Ontario College of Teachers to teach music at the Primary, Junior and Intermediate age levels.  She continued her education in 2008 by completing her Senior qualifications in Drama to become an official drama teacher, and be certified to teach all levels of children in Ontario.  In 2011 she completed her qualifications to teach Kindermusik, and in 2014 took a board certified course in Special Education to teach those of different abilities. She recently was awarded her Advanced Specialist Certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano teaching.

Experience:    In 1991 Tammy started running music and drama programs at the University of Western Ontario and then at various camps.  In 1996 she moved to Woodbridge, Ontario to officially begin "Meadesmith School of Music" teaching piano. In the past twenty years she has taught thousands of students ages four and above, beginner to advanced levels piano and theory, all styles of music including the Royal Conservatory of Music program.  She has also worked with children as a music school teacher for the London Board of Education, and Maple Leaf Montessori Schools Inc, and is currently a music teacher for the York Board of Education.

 Since every student has individual interests and different learning styles, we seek out what makes each student motivated.  Our standards are high, as we know children are capable of anything they put their mind to, and we strive to help each child find their full potential.