Private Piano Lessons:


 I find Tammy to be an extremely talented, knowledgeable and effective teacher.  Tammy has a great rapport with her students and she maintains a very positive disposition.  She is able to encourage her students to reach for their goals in a gentle and effective manner.  Both my children have been with Tammy for a approximately a year and a half.  She was able to quickly identify my children’s individual learning style, strengths and needs.  Tammy adjusted her teaching methodology in order individualize their programs.  As a result, both my children have continued to make great strides in piano. 

Joanne Pasquariello


The Meadesmith School of Music and Drama has been vital to the growth and development of our boys and their love and appreciation for the arts. We are certain that the opportunities they have had to perform for peers, parents, friends and family in both a group and recital setting has instilled confidence and developed their self esteem. These experiences have trickled down, contributing to their academic successes in such subjects as math and science. Our boys have no fears of making presentations at school, or standing in front of a classroom on a whim. We are grateful to Tammy and Wayne for their sincere interest in our boys’ successes and the assistance they provided in helping them get into top notch high schools. Two of our son’s attend Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in the city of Toronto. As parent’s we have been so happy with the individual support and attentiveness of Tammy and Wayne and marvel at our boy’s successes and achievements.

John and Mary Tarsitano



  Thank you for everything you’ve done for Jake....the performance was excellent! It really is amazing what was accomplished in only two weeks! I still can’t get over how well Jake did. I couldn’t stop crying!!

Irma LeBlanc

It's me, Isabella writing to you.  I just wanted to write this e-mail to thank you and to show my appreciation for the fun musical camp.   Also, thanks for teaching me a lot about acting, singing and dancing.   Being in the play made my summer happier.  I met a lot of new friends and I am looking forward to coming next year. 

Isabella Morency (11 years old)

Isabella had a great time at camp.  It was wonderful to see her so excited and engaged in your program.  She has taken all sorts of dance, singing and theatre classes before and found the pace too slow.  She tends to get bored with too much repetition of the same thing.  Well, she certainly didn't have a chance to get bored with your program!  It was perfect for her.  It boosted her confidence in her abilities and she can't wait to do more.
Nancy Morency
Just a short note to say thank you for organizing the Seussical Musical.  It was fantastic.  I cannot find the words to express how my husband and I felt when we saw this performance the children were amazing!!  We are so proud of Matteo, he seemed to really enjoy performing.  I have to admit, my husband and I were in tears, we are so proud of Matteo this was big for him; hoping it helps his confidence.
Mary Barbieri

Just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful camp experience, the girls truly enjoyed the last two weeks, a real highlight of their summer!  The show was wonderful!

Luisa Ayow


Hi Tammy,

Just wanted to let you and Wayne know that the performance was outstanding!  Was not what we were expecting and were totally astounded by the quality of the performance that you produced with those wonderful kids in just 2 weeks.  "Kudos" to the two of you and your team, it was great to see our daughter on stage alongside all the other children doing something that they thoroughly enjoyed!

Thanks again,

Lindsay and Jeff Wright

(July 27, 2013)