We are OCT and RCM Certified music teachers running a business as opposed to business people running a music school.  The difference is in the passion.  We are passionate and knowledgeable about music and simply would like to share our love for music with you.

  • Our music students have the security of knowing that we are RCM Certified teachers who have the musical education and experience (30 years) to guide them from beginners to professional musicians.  Our students excel in their music exams, competitions and University endeavours. 
  • Our music students do their best learning with us because they feel free to take artistic risks in our home studio environment, and grow at their own rate to become accomplished musicians. We give them many opportunities for performance, at first informally at our holiday "Music Parties" and then formally in festivals, exams, and our spring recital.
  • Because we are Ontario certified teachers we can integrate our students' musical studies with their current school curriculum, whether it's math, or literacy, making their music studies more relevant. We provide all elements of music, from practical playing, to theory, and history and yes, even drama since drama helps us express music to its fullest degree. 

Put your money where it matters. Quality instruction with a personal touch.

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